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VFX: Pain in the ass

Production diary, day 4

Yup… you’re right… I’ve skipped a day in the production diary. But don’t let that fool you! I have been busy ;) And besides it will happen more often.

Ok, so this is what I have been up to; I have been struggling with how to create the smoke trails coming from the missile impacts. I looked into Afterburn (which was my initial choice) and FumeFX. Bottomline is that i’m going to invest some more time in getting to know FumeFX a bit more, and understand it better. In my opinion the smoke created by Afterburn is to static, to controlled. I want a ‘all over the place’ look.

I got in contact with the main guy from SetPixels (Thiago Pires) and he explained to me that the smoke was actually a still picture with a “turbulence displace” effect in After Effects. Damn, they fooled me! I feel a bit punk’d ;) So I figured out that I can’t really fully depend on a visual trick like that, because there will be more happening in the shots.

So, like I said above, I’ve been testing and tweeking with FumeFX:

(sketch of a tall building hit by a missile/projectile)

(animation test done with 3dsmax 2008 and fumefx 1.1)

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