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Category: 2014

NZ In One Day: Mount Doom

A while back this one lady was such a Lord of the Rings fan that she travelled all the way to New Zealand. She visited places like Hobbiton. She then bought a golden replica of the One Ring with only one mission; Destroying it. Being not fit enough to climb Mount Doom, destroy the ring and save Middle Earth (like Frodo and Sam did before her) she went to Wellington, booked a helicopter flight to Mount Nguaruhoe, which is seen in the trilogy as Mount Doom, and once above the massive volcano she dropped the ring in the crater and with that saving Middle Earth once more…

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NZ In One Day: Dying By The River

New Zealanders (or Kiwi’s) are a little bit different from us, the Dutch. Kiwi’s grow up around vast open land, beautiful mountains and lots of outdoor adventures. Their country is the size of the UK but only holds 4 million people. They love their beaches, their BBQ’s, their freedom and their nature. They are proud of it. And it makes them down to earth, relaxed, friendly, liberal and tolerant. That’s why I like it here, a big country with a small town feel to it. So when a Kiwi goes on an adventure it is nothing like what we are used to…

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