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NZ In One Day: Mount Doom

A while back this one lady was such a Lord of the Rings fan that she travelled all the way to New Zealand. She visited places like Hobbiton. She then bought a golden replica of the One Ring with only one mission; Destroying it. Being not fit enough to climb Mount Doom, destroy the ring and save Middle Earth (like Frodo and Sam did before her) she went to Wellington, booked a helicopter flight to Mount Nguaruhoe, which is seen in the trilogy as Mount Doom, and once above the massive volcano she dropped the ring in the crater and with that saving Middle Earth once more…

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NZ In One Day: The Pinnacles

Hey everyone, been a while, as I haven’t been traveling much lately. But thats about to change as my dad is coming over. Some know that I moved from Auckland to Wellington in February and that has been quite the adventure by itself. Regardless, fun stuff still needs to happen, and recently that has been more in the shape of one day trips. And I will post them in the form of short one-day stories. The Pinnacles Ever since the Tongariro Alpine Crossing more hikes have been on the back of my mind but none had happened until now. The Pinnacles…

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Tongariro Alpine Crossing: Challenging my inner youth!

Supposedly it is one of the most beautiful one-day hikes in New Zealand and the Tongariro Alpine Crossing can be a true challenge of your inner youth. Imagine someone who lives behind a computer screen, likes the convenience of fast food a little to much and doesn’t walk more then 10 minutes a day… Yes, I am that stereotype. Since my first visit to New Zealand I knew this would be the perfect base camp for the next 10 years of my travels. Although remotely positioned on the edge of the world it is also conveniently close to some of the most…

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