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VFX: The beginning of something devastating…

Production diary, day 1

Hello, and welcome to this first post in my production diary.

The Beginning
During one of my many browsing sessions on CGTalk I found a thread about a challenge creating the destruction of Earth. A couple of people participated the challenge and all created a short animation, between 45 seconds and 2 minutes, during their free hours. Alltogether they had around 3 month to finish it, and in the end they all did an impressive job. It really looked high quality and very professional. One participant catched my atention in particular; that was the SetPixels admission. They where the winners of the FXWars challenge, and with good reason if you ask me. One shot the’ve made, where you look over a city hit by several meteors, triggered the idea of creating a destruction scene myself.


I’ve never done anything like that before, so its mainly a learning curve thing for me. At the moment I’m more in to motion graphics, but I really want to learn more about compositing and VFX, and I think this is a great oppertunity for me to learn some great and usefull techniques.

The Concept
Well, the main idea is pretty straight forward; Creating a scene where a city gets hit by a couple of missiles, or projectiles and gets damaged. I wan’t to create a aerial shot of a big city burning, and getting hit by one or two missiles. Seeing a building getting hit, collapsing or something like that.

So, thank you for reading so far. I’ll keep those who are interrested posted in the next days. I think I want to do this pretty quickly, and put a lot of my time in it. I have too many bad experiences with personal project that never got finished.


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